Political Murals, Belfast 2010

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In 1988, members of the British &quot;Special Air Service,&quot; an elite commando unit, shot and killed three members of the IRA, Mairead Farrell, Sean Savage, and Daniel McCann, while they were in Gibraltar (taking part in a reconnaissance mission in support of a plan to bomb a military band performing there)...The killings were hugely controversial because the IRA members were not armed when they were killed and did not have any explosives with them (some were eventually found in Spain).  Things that added to the controversy included:..-A British documentary &quot;Death on the Rock&quot; in which witnesses claimed the IRA team had tried to surrender when confronted by the SAS...-A Protestant gunman attacked the funeral party at the IRA funeral plot in Milltown Cemetery.  He killed three people, including an IRA man who was acting as a funeral steward...-At the funeral of the IRA man killed in Milltown, two off-duty British corporals drove their car into the middle of the funeral procession.  Because they were in civilian clothes and were armed, the crowd thought they were Loyalist gunmen or British commandos seeking to disrupt the funeral.   The crowd set upon them and beat them and then the IRA seized the two soldiers, stripped them, bundled them into a taxi, and shot them both in the head in a nearby vacant.