Software that I use

The following is a short list of programs and plug-ins I have found useful for my photography.

HDRSoft Photomatix:  the best program out there for high dynamic range imagery

Nik Silver Efex 2:  a useful plug-in for doing black and white

Photodex Proshow Gold:  an excellent slideshow generation program

Imagenomic Noiseware 2.0:  reduces graininess of photographs that are shot at high ISOs, available as both a plug-in and a standalone

Alienskin Bokeh 2.0:  a plug-in that allows you to introduce selective focus and the coveted bokeh into your images

Topaz Adjust 4.0:  a plug-in with a generous menu for enhancing your photographs

Topaz Detail 2.0:  a useful plug-in for sharpening your images

Digital Light & Color Color Mechanic:  a cool little plug-in for tweaking the colors of images